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Charlatan is a virtual analog (VA) synthesizer with focus on sound quality and easy usability. Thanks to its streamlined UI, Charlatan never gets in your way when you like to move fast in your production workflow. Under the hood, a powerful yet not overwhelming synth engine is ready to be explored as you dive deeper into sound design. A true musical instrument that smoothly adapts to your mood and experience.

Feature Summary


Latest Version 3.1.2 (Updated on 2024-04-10)

3.1.2 (2024-04-10) (Linux only)
  • BUGFIX: Mouse and keyboard interaction broken under XFCE and possibly some othe Linux DEs
3.1.1 (2024-04-07)
  • Support polyphonic glide
  • BUGFIX: Cannot create breakpoint via double-click in Osc waveform editor (regression from 3.1.0)
  • BUGFIX: Crash in Osc waveform editor (regression from 3.1.0)
3.1.0 (2024-04-01)
  • New Phaser FX modes (8-pole, Allpass)
  • New area selection in MSEG editor (Shift-Click-Drag) allows to edit as well as delete (via Delete/Backspace key) multiple breakpoints together
  • Add polarity switch for MSEG
  • Allow to switch presets via arrow keys in browser
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • BUGFIX: Regression from 3.0.1 where voices could continue processing while silent
3.0.1 (2024-03-17)
  • BUGFIX: Envelopes not retriggered in Poly mode if no mod target assigned
  • Added two more presets "Vox Humana" and "Kick Pure"
3.0 final (2024-03-15)
  • Double the modulation processing rate (allows faster attack and smoother audio rate modulation)
  • Support adjustment of modulation depth via mouse wheel
  • Visualize filter balance modulation range
  • Replace "D" switch (Direct out) in Osc panel with "Route to Filter" switch
  • UI polishing
  • Added a few more factory presets
  • VST3: support Sustain pedal
  • VST3: handle MIDI All Notes Off message
  • BUGFIX: Crash when attempting to add a 5th modulation to a parameter
  • BUGFIX: Sustain pedal handling in Legato voice mode
  • BUGFIX: Drawing errors in Osc harmonics editor
  • BUGFIX: Reverb FX sound broken when modulating time out of range
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CLAP / VST3 (ZIP file)

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